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About I Glob Ad

About I Glob Ad


Who we are

We are a network marketing company in the field of advertising, based in London, UK.
I glob Ads is a full and self-service advertising network providing comprehensive and industry leading ad-serving and optimization technologies for online marketers and web publishers.

What We Do

We cover the globe with efficient and varied web and mobile channels. We challenge the industry to perform better for publishers and advertisers. We push the boundaries of what can be accomplished; knowing that standing still will eventually mean you get left behind. We are passionate about finding solutions and giving our advertisers and publishers the support they need to achieve their goals and more. We are innovators. We are facilitators. We are driven to be the best self-service advertising network. We are Propeller Ads and we want to partner with you. Countless individuals looking for home based jobs or online jobs have benefitted greatly from our affiliate marketing program and several MLM leaders have endorsed our products and business model. Competing with some of the top MLM companies, we have garnered a vast global network of sellers who have created a profitable network marketing business for themselves

Our Vision

Provide Opportunities to People in transforming their lives Invest in People and the Community in which we operate.Our goal is straightforward: To create simplicity from complexity by delivering innovative solutions that will serve the demands of today while anticipating and fulfilling the needs of tomorrow.

Mackenzie Carter

CEO "Chief Executive Officer"

Mackenzie Carter is an entrepreneur gifted with shrewdness of business and the right judgment for art in equal weights, He is a computer science graduate and holds a management degree from the University of Wales, Cardiff.

It is his passion for creativity and business acumen that led to the inception and rise of one of the most coveted independent ad agencies.

He has strong professional interests in advertising strategy.

He is a member of the Consumer Insights Panel of the Economic Development Board, Government of Singapore.

He has also represented a Fortune 500 company as the executive committee of the World Federation of Advertisers.

Mr. Carter has worked with more than 8 Fortune 47 companies in 7 different countries. He has served on several boards of directors.

He brings a mix of knowledge and insights assimilated over 20 of rich experience with leading international advertising agency networks.

I Glob Ad does not provide services to residents of Iran, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and India
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