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Anti Spam Policy

Anti Spam Policy

The Company strictly enforces its Anti-Spam policy! The distributors/users shall always abide by the Anti- spam policy and shall expressly warrant the Company that they will not engage in spamming.

What is spam?

Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the internet, typically to a large number of users, for purposes of advertising, phishing, etc. are termed as spam.
The term “unsolicited e-mail” refers to the transmission via electronic mail, respectively, of any material or information pertaining to the advertisement or promotion of the company, its products and services, its compensation plan or any other aspect of the Company. The term does not include e-mails:
(1) To any recipient with that recipient’s prior express invitation or permission; or
(2) To any person with whom the distributor has an established business or personal relationship
The term “established business or personal relationship” means a prior or existing relationship formed by a voluntary two-way communication between any distributor and a person, on the basis of:
a). An inquiry, application, purchase or transaction by the person regarding products and services offered by such a distributor; or
b). A personal or familial relationship that has not been previously terminated by either party. Spam is unethical
Spam mail is often sent out in thousands or hundreds of thousands, to a huge number of recipients. This large load of messages often causes network problems and congestion. This means that the message recipients as well third parties suffer because some person or company has pumped half a million copies of a message through the internet.
The Company sets forth the policy regarding the usage of “spam“. The company will always be in compliance with the laws and in accordance with the governing laws of the jurisdiction. If the Company finds out that the distributor/user is in violation of any policy of the Company, then the Company will immediately revoke the distributorship rights/user rights and close any active account.
The Company reserves right to terminate the distributor’s /user’s account if the company deems that the distributor/user has violated any of the anti-spam policies. The Company will also have right to suspend a distributor’s/user’s account and participation, pending review upon receipt of any complaint or other evidence that the distributor/user may be engaged in any spamming activity.
The Company reserves the right to amend the policies anytime and the same will be published on the Company’s web site.
If you come across spamming by our distributor or user regarding our products, services, website or any other matter, please report the activity to support@iglobad.com. The Company assures you that the Company will take appropriate action, if he/she is found guilty.

I Glob Ad does not provide services to residents of Iran, British Columbia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and India
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